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Digital Archive Creator for OCS Inventory NG

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Digital Archive Creator for OCS Inventory NG

This Python software was written to give a better report function to OCS Inventory NG:

It is a web application that read a OCS Database and export data in a fancy and customizable HTML and PDF reports.



At the actual revision D.A.C. working on a machine with this requisites:

In the next releases I test even Debian and Ubuntu OS



There are some softwares dependencies that DAC requires to work and you can install with launching setup routines. Read the above Warning about dependencies that setup try to install and workaround to bypass overwriting of your installed version of these softwares. TRY TO INSTALL THE FOLLOWING DEPENDECIES: -wget -python-setuptools -make -gcc -MySQL-python -libxslt -python-devel -pyOpenSSL

If you have special customization of this softwares you can exclude from installation some packages changing following line:

package = ["wget", "python-setuptools", "make", "gcc", "MySQL-python", "libxslt", "python-devel","pyOpenSSL"]

In the next release I planning to implement launching switch to bypass part of installation routine (redis or wkhtml or some packages too) to save personal configuration of installed software.

The also try to install this python modules trough easy_install software: -cherrypy -simplejson -pyyaml -python-crontab -redis

After this installation the software prompt you to write the following informations: -OCS absolute installation path -IP on which application listen to ( for all ip) -Port on which application listen to -SSL Cert Path absolute path(blank if you want disable SSL) -SSL Cert Key absolute path(blank if you want disable SSL)

First Step

The first step to create directory in which you want put your installation of DAC. After you have created the directory, you enter in it and clone the repository:

git clone

After you have cloned source you can launch the setup with the command:


This launch the setup procedure that check your system for DAC dependencies and if did not found them it provide to install it.

Additional Configuration


In file config.yaml there are some voices to configure, usually if you run setup good you don't have to touch it, if you don't want edit manually you can launch from DAC folder:

python libs/

If you want edit manually this is the voices in files:


The cronetab component is divided in two parts, one for system's tasks and the other one for application's tasks. The System's Tasks are written in system_cron.yaml file and it contains one task to check if website is up and if the site is down it try to start up the site. I put this task in separate file to put in read only mode because this task is core part of the software and in the next release I want to give the possibility to admin to edit others task in a web way. The other file cronetab.yaml contains the system routine jobs like search for new computer and you can edit the frequency modifying its value. The syntax for both files is under the cron leaf.


In scheda.yaml you can find sections defined in OCS report engine and you can decide which of them you want report in your fancy reports. You can enable the view setting the value to 1 and disabled with 0. In the next releases I want introduce web editing choise instead of file manually editing and control to normalize file when value differ from 1 or 0. The voices are:


v 1.0



This software is released under LGPL


Thanks to the author of the module I use in my software and the author of templates


Author: Middei Alessandro Contact: Website: Skype:alessandro.middei